A graphic of a dress

'A woman raped for wearing revealing clothing is to blame for leading a man on.'

The Myth

Victims clothing or fashion, if revealing or figure hugging, means they are responsible for their attack.

The Facts

Many studies have been conducted on this subject and all consistently indicate that around a third of members of the public surveyed believe that a woman is partly to blame if she is wearing 'revealing' clothes.

The Impact

Rape is a horrific and traumatic act of violence where victims mode of dress is irrelevant. Children, men and woman can all be victims and none dress to be raped.

What Can You Do

Challenge assumptions about sexual assault and dress, as well as attitudes that suggest their appearance had something to do with being raped.

Don’t impose your own values or codes on someone else – you may consider the way a person has decided to present themselves as inadvisable or even beyond the pale, but you have no right to judge them less worthy of consideration than you would be.