Did You Know?

  • Rape is one component in a broader spectrum of violence against women. 15.5% percent of all women in Scotland have experienced at least one incident of less serious sexual assault since the age of 16 (Recorded Crime in Scotland 2017-18).

  • 70% of those reporting being victims of rape said the perpetrator was their partner or someone they knew (Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2017-18).

  • Approximately 80% of reported rapes take place in a domestic setting (Police Scotland figures, 2017). 

  • Victims were asleep in 19% of all reported rapes (Police Scotland figures 2018).

  • In 2017-18 there were 100 rapes where the victim met their attacker online through social media, internet dating or online chat (Police Scotland Figures 2018).

  • Around 44% of the abuse experienced by survivors in touch with Rape Crisis Centres in Scotland in 2014-15 was rape (Rape Crisis Scotland Annual Report).

  • Gay, bisexual and transgender people are equally, if not more, vulnerable to rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse as heterosexuals.  

  • The number of people reporting rape or attempted rape at any time since the age of 16 has remained stable (Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2017-18).